Dance Attire Requirements

It is important that students come to class dressed in the proper dance attire, where body lines are clearly visible to the instructors. This is necessary for safe and proper instruction. Remember, taking pride in your overall appearance will contribute to greater confidence and success as a dancer.

Students should have their hair tied back and off their face for all classes. Ballet students must have their hair in a neatly secured bun, absolutely no exceptions. **If students have more than one class a night please ensure hair is properly secured before the first class.**


Any fitted clothing i.e. bodysuit, tank/half top, shorts or leggings. Bare feet. NO LOOSE CLOTHING.


(Exam Requirements for Grade 1 – Advanced are indicated)

Primary and Pre-Junior Ballet
Any black/navy sleeveless bodysuit. Pink ballet tights and Pink leather ballet slippers with elastics – Capezio Daisy Ballet Slipper

Junior 1 to Pre-inter 3 (Grade 1 – 5)
Any black or dark colored bodysuit.
Pink ballet tights and Pink leather ballet slippers with elastic.
Black character shoes and Skirt – to be purchased upon teacher request.

Character shoes - Grade 1&2 ½ inch heel, Grade 3-5 ¾ inch heel NOTE: Exam requirements – Micro fiber Navy Blue Mondor bodysuit with seams and gather in the front, Mondor light pink tights, light pink split soled canvas slipper - Sansha & So Danca are recommended. Canvas will be used for competition as well.

Inter Foundation to Advanced 2
Vocational levels – dress code will be enforced.
Any colored bodysuit, black/dark is preferred.
Note: Students taking an exam are required to wear a Black Bodysuit selected by the instructor.
Pink Mondor ballet tights.
Pink Soft blocks with ribbons and elastics.
Pink Pointe shoes (to be approved by instructor)

NOTE: Exam Attire: Black Ainsley Bodysuit, Pink mondor tights, Clean Soft Blocks and Pointe Shoes.

BOYS – Black shorts(knees must be visible) or tights, fitted black or white t-shirt, Black socks, black ballet slippers. Exam Attire: Gr 1-3-Navy shorts, fitted white t-shirt, black socks & leather ballet shoes. Gr 4 & 5 Black male tights & leather shoes

 Budding Dancers 

Any colored bodysuit with attached skirt. Pink tights and pink ballet slippers with elastics.

BOYS - Any dance shorts, t-shirt, black socks and black ballet slippers

 Jazz & Barre  

Primary, Pre-Junior, Junior 1 – 3
• Any Black/pink/navy sleeveless bodysuit or fitted tank top and shorts.
• Black, Beige or pink tights. Fitted shorts worn over top of bodysuit and tights are acceptable.
• Black or beige jazz shoes or foot undies.
Note: Black slip-on jazz shoes, tights and bodysuit are required for Adapt exams.

Pre-Inter 1 – 3, Intermediate, Advanced
• Any bodysuit or fitted tank/half top is acceptable (no baggy/loose clothing).
• Tights, fitted shorts, capris or leggings.
• Black or beige jazz shoes, foot undies or bare feet (absolutely no socks)

BOYS – Black or dark shorts (knees must be visible), fitted t-shirt or tank, Black socks, black jazz shoes


Primary, Pre-Junior, Junior 1 – 3
• Any Black sleeveless bodysuit
• Black, Beige or pink tights however Black is needed for Adapt exams. Shorts or Capri pants may be worn.
• Black slip-on style Tap shoes are recommended. Beige shoes can be worn for class.

Pre-Inter 1 – 3, Intermediate, Advanced
• Any bodysuit, tank/half top, shorts, capris or leggings
• Black tap shoes with laces, teletone taps

BOYS – Black or dark shorts (knees must be visible), t-shirt or tank, black socks, black tap shoes

 Lyrical/Modern/Musical Theatre 

• Any bodysuit, tank/half top, shorts, capris or leggings. Jazz shoes, foot undies or bare feet.

 Hip Hop 

• Any loose clothing, t-shirts, tanks, basketball shorts, sweatpants and non-marking runners (Absolutely NO outside footwear).


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