Brianne Martin



What do you do outside of Airborne?
I work at my parent’s small business. I am also the president of the Board of Directors for En Corps Dance Collective and am a company member as a dancer and choreographer. I enjoy snowboarding, photography, and spending time with my husband and kitties. I am also expecting my first child, due in November!

What is your favourite dance memory?
Performing with Far East Movement in LA.

How does dance inspire you?
Through dance I express myself in a raw and honest manner allowing me to challenge myself to
bring my visions to life. It’s empowering and affects my life in many positive ways. Dance
inspires me to be a better me.

Brianne’s dance journey began at 11 after a gymnastics injury left her unable to pursue the
Olympic dream she was training towards. She examined, trained, and competed in all styles
with focus on AcroDance and Hip Hop. At 18, Brianne travelled to Los Angeles for 6 months to
train and audition. Highlights of her adventure include performing with Far East Movement,
performing at a P.E.T.A charity event, training and performing with an all-girl dance troupe
(PCH) and landing the lead for a local TV commercial. Brianne has since been residing in Calgary
where she continues to maintain her training in several styles and has performed with local
dance crews, Flomatik, illFX, and En Corps Dance Collective. Brianne joined the Airborne family
in 2011 and it quickly became her second home. After a two-year leave (2015-2017), Brianne is
back with her dance family and is excited to continue growing the art of AcroDance at Airborne.
Brianne is a certified NCCP level 1 and 2 gymnastics coach and holds her module 1 and 2
Acrobatic Arts certification. She is also working to be fully certified under Acrobatique and is always looking for new ways to educate herself.

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