Charlotte Lowe


Hip Hop, Tap

What do you do outside of Airborne?
Outside of airborne i really enjoy playing piano & going to the movies.

What is your favourite dance memory?
Any day at airborne is a memory i'll always cherish.

How does dance inspire you?
Dance inspires me to... be more free, disciplined & adventurous and to never stop pushing/fighting for what i want until I've reached the final destination. It reminds me to never stop until I'm satisfied.


Charlotte has been in love with dance for 16 years. She started dancing as a little mini with
team Airborne at age 3 and has not stopped since. She trained in all styles but mainly focused
on jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical/contemporary and hip hop. Being a part of the Airborne team as a
dancer, was a wondrous experience for Charlotte and she is delighted to be back this year, in a
different role, as Miss Char. Char believes she has the best job being a Hip Hop teacher at the
studio, teaching anywhere from the beginners to the advanced. Her passion for hip hop has
been growing rapidly over the years and she finds inspiration from various communities around
the world. Hip Hop will always be a favourite genre for Miss Char and as a new teacher, she
hopes to spread her love for dance, and give back to her students as much as she can, while of
course, having way too much fun!

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