Airborne Dance Centre is happy to offer exams in accordance with the ADAPT Syllabus for both Jazz and Tap and the Royal Academy of Dance for Ballet to encourage technical excellence. As our dancers develop and reach the technical standard required by the syllabuses they will be invited to participate in an exam. Although exams are optional we strongly encourage our dancers to prepare for them. Following a recognized syllabus helps dancers strengthen technique required to reach their potential throughout their training.  The examination process encourages dancers to set goals and perform at their personal best while building a strong work ethic.

2018/2019 Season
RAD Exams will be held between November 1st - December 1st & Feb 1st - March 15th 

ADAPT Exams will be held during the 1st or 2nd week of December

ADAPT Dance Examination Information

Successful examination candidates receive an ADAPT certificate along with an evaluation report. Students who receive a Highly Commended Plus mark also receive the ADAPT "Medal of Merit" for their high achievement. Examination results are final and each student’s evaluation is at the discretion of the ADAPT examiners. Students must successfully pass the third level of each dance division before proceeding to the next division.


Junior 1 – 2 – 3

Pre-Intermediate 1 – 2 – 3

Intermediate 1 – 2 – 3




Pass (60 – 66%)

Pass Plus (67 – 74%)

Commended (75 – 79%)

Commended Plus (80 – 84%)

Highly Commended (85 – 89%)

Highly Commended Plus (90% & Above)


Royal Academy of Dance Examination Information


The Graded and Vocational Syllabus provides a broad practical dance education to develop technical, musical and performance skills. Candidates who successfully complete the following will receive a medal or bar as well as their certificate. Gold, silver or bronze medals are awarded depending on the result of pass, merit or distinction.




Grade 1 – 6

Intermediate Foundation


Advanced Foundation

Advanced 1 – 2

Solo Seal



Standard not Attainted (0 – 39%)

Pass (40 – 54%)

Merit (55 – 74%)

Distinction (75 – 100%)