Rachel Lowe


Contemporary, Open

What do you do outside of Airborne?
I am a 3rd year kinesiology student at the University of Calgary. On top of that, teaching and
choreography, I also nanny (for a super sweet family) during the week. My days consist of doing
what 4-year-olds do, dancing, homework and the odd episode(s) of Grey’s Anatomy…

What is your favourite dance memory?
My favourite dance memory would have to be my Airborne team. A lot of us danced together
at the studio for over ten years, and coming to dance with them became my favourite part of
every day. I miss them and that aspect of the studio so much. However I am so fortunate to
come to the studio regularly and see the bonds of friendships that the students of today have
built. I always tell my students to make the most of these days with these people because they
are the relationships that will last a lifetime! #WEARETEAMAIRBORNE


I trained at Airborne Dance Centre for 13 years. Since graduating I have continued with
Airborne both teaching and setting choreography. (bringing my time at Airborne up to 17
years!) This is my second-year teaching contemporary and this year have teamed up with my
sister (and recent graduate of Airborne Dance Centre), Charlotte Lowe, to teach some hip-hop
classes. I trained for many years under the ADAPT syllabus in both tap and jazz, as well as RAD
for ballet- and completed my Advanced 1 level examination. In summer 2014, after graduating,
I was so fortunate to get to train with the NXG Company in Edmonton for the 2014 HHI
competition in Las Vegas. Outside of the studio I have also been so blessed to be a part of the
o2 Dance Company. I performed with the company in their 2014 production ‘’Between the
Branches’’ as well as their 2015 production ‘’Pieces.’’ Any dance opportunity I have been so
fortunate to receive is a result of the dancer Airborne shaped me to be. Everything I am as a
dancer I owe to this studio and all the teachers who have passed through and continue teaching
today. It is an honor to be able to give back and hopefully inspire the same passion in students
that was constantly ignited in me by my teachers growing up. #WEARETEAMAIRBORNE

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