Recreational Program

No audition is required to be a part of our recreational team.

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Our recreational classes offer something for everyone who wants the opportunity to dance without the high level of commitment of competitive dance.


We offer pre-school classes for ages 3-5 and an array of recreational classes for ages 3-18.

Recreational dancers will learn dance technique and gain experience performing on stage and being part of a team. Dance training increases young people’s awareness of their physical being and encourages the development of a positive self-image. They will improve their coordination and muscular development through movement and freedom of expression.

Recreational students have the opportunity to perform in our year-end recital. Our recital always falls on the 2nd Sunday in June.

If you are interested in more information, email us at

Airborne Dance Centre

#202, 3400 - 14th Street NW

Calgary, Alberta T2K 1H9

Ph: 403-289-2811


Front Office Hours

September 4th - June 17th






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