Covid-19 Protocols are in place. Smaller class sizes. Experienced and qualified instructors.


Our mission is to provide a supportive environment for creative self-expression through dance.

We were born to dance!


We are so excited to be back in the studio!

What’s NEW! 

- Smaller class size.  

- Back to back classes. 

- Increased cleaning.

- Intensive Program for competitive students or students looking for more training opportunity.

- Reduced training hr/wk for students in high school.

- AND a little Reno to freshen up the studio!

NEW!! Enrollment Options

Sessional and Yearly Classes

Student enrolled in regular classes(non-intensive program - classes in black ink) have the option of sessional or yearly programs.

Sessional: September to December(14 weeks Session 1) and Jan to June(21 weeks, Session 2)

Note: Monthly rates are increased by 15% when registering sessionally.

Session 1 (Sept to Dec) fees are due in full upon registration.  Session 2 fees are divided into 2 months - Jan to Mar due upon registration and April to June due April 1.

For Yearly Classes September & June fees are due upon registration and the remaining fees are due on the first of every month. SAVINGS of 15%

For fees and class recommendations please email adancec@shaw.ca


We realize families have various comfort levels due to Covid-19 therefore we want to assure you our clients that we here to help and accommodate as best we can.

- We have re-organized the studio to offer in studio instruction within smaller groups and have 2 designated private rooms for students to dance individually should they prefer or need to be isolated.

- We are set up to Zoom classes should students need to dance from home.  Depending on needs we are prepared to offer discounted rates should students want to do this for an entire session or year.

Note: Discounted rates and more than one month of Zoom is not an option for students enrolled in the Intensive program or classes, only classes offered in black ink.

Airborne Dance Centre

#202, 3400 - 14th Street NW

Calgary, Alberta T2K 1H9

Ph: 403-289-2811

E-mail: adancec@shaw.ca

Front Office Hours

September 4th - June 17th






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• 4:30 – 8:00 pm
• 4:30 – 6:30 pm
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• 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

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