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Intensive Program

Our Intensive Program is designed to develop well rounded, strong technical dancers. We strive to create an environment where our dancers will learn self confidence, leadership skills, teamwork, and a positive attitude about self and others. Dancers have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, travel, and perform.

This program requires dancers to take ALL classes within their level, participate in exams, and in-studio workshops.

  • Junior - Register on pre-competitive form (Junior 2 6-Class Option)  ($420)

  • Pre-Intermediate  1 ($475)

  • Pre-Intermediate 3 ($515)

  • Intermediate 3 ($550)

  • Advanced 2 ($550)


Intensive program students have the option to audition to be a part of the ADC Competition Team. 

Students must attend to be accepted on the Competition TEAM)

Upcoming Competition Auditions:


If you're looking for a challenge, more training, and a team atmosphere, this program is for you!

To register, please contact for recommended program placement.

*Please review our studio handbook before registering.


Airborne Dance Centre is happy to offer exams in accordance with the ADAPT Syllabus for both Jazz and Tap and the Royal Academy of Dance for Ballet to encourage technical excellence and Acrobatic Arts. As our dancers develop and reach the technical standard required by the syllabuses they will be invited to participate in an exam. Although exams are optional we strongly encourage our dancers to prepare for them. Following a recognized syllabus helps dancers strengthen technique required to reach their potential throughout their training.  The examination process encourages dancers to set goals and perform at their personal best while building a strong work ethic.

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